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Correction, our next Bible study is Wed. Jan 25 (not 28) @ 8:30. Sorry for the confusion.

Note about the survey: Even if you haven’t been coming to our studies or events, we still want your input. This survey is intended for everyone and is anonymous, so please take a moment to fill it out.
Don’t forget about the Physicians’ Winter Missions Breakfast on Sat. Feb. 4, 9-11am! If you’re interested in medical missions and/or networking with Christian physicians in the community, this will be a great event for you. RSVP to by Feb. 1.
Tiffany & David
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Hi lovely people!
We’re doing a mid-year check in of how you think the fellowship is going and what changes/activities you want to see this semester. Please take a few minutes to complete a short survey and share your thoughts with us. If you have any feedback that you’d rather give via email or in person, don’t hesitate to contact us!
Click on the link below:
Your input is very important to us, so please fill this out by next Wed. Jan 28. We’ll use your feedback to shape our direction for the coming months. And while you’re doing that, mark your calendars for….
Next Event: Bible study!
When: Wed. Jan 28 @ 8:30** 
**Note the time: Yes, that’s 8:30 (not 8pm). You can fill out the survey before coming!
Where: 53 Westview Terrace (Grandma’s house)
First years, we’re praying for your upcoming MTC exam. Don’t stress, really. Everyone passes MTC–’cause Dr. Fong is awesome like that. 🙂 Best of luck, and we’ll see you next week, everyone!
Tiffany & David

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