Missions Breakfast, Haiti update 1/23

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LAST CALL! Please sign up now for our Winter Missions Breakfast coming up this Saturday, January 23rd, from 9-11 am at the Rochester Academy of Medicine, 1441 East Ave. We have an array of local speakers, including Drs. Christine Birnie, Norm Wetterau, and Larry Gage who will be talking about their missions experiences and associated opportunities in India, Africa, and Nicaragua.

In addition, we’ll be bringing an update about Haiti and ways that you can support the relief efforts that are going on there. At least 3 MCCF members have been actively involved, including Jeff Harp (who may be with us to share), John Seaman (who will be on his way to Haiti — see Note below), and Alexi Matousek (who is with Dr. Farmer and group out of Boston). Let us know if you have additional contact information to share. More on Saturday!

Please call Susan (436-1628) before Thursday to confirm. We’re looking forward to seeing you all!

Bill & Susan
Dr. Bill and Susan Morehouse
John Seaman is leaving at the end of the week to go to Haiti with a second team and has given us the following prayer requests:
  1. Need for networking / coordination in the midst of chaos and confusion
  2. Safety & security – not just with people rioting, etc, but also with transport, etc.  We’ll be working with Helimission using helicopters to access more remote areas.
  3. Emotional & spiritual needs of our team members / other workers facing the tremendous needs / loss
  4. Spiritual covering – I’m sure the spiritual darkness of Haiti will be reacting.  Who knows, this might deal a significant blow to the Voodoo spiritual empire?


Missions Breakfast Flyer: www.grmccf.org/events/MDbreakfasts/1-10break.htm
Online Response Form: www.grmccf.org/response.htm
Rochester Academy of Medicine: www.grmccf.org/events/academy.htm
MCCF Activities: www.grmccf.org/activities
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