This Week’s Bible Study

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Hello Friends!

First and foremost… to our fabulous first years: CONGRATS!!!! You have now finished (and probably did fabulous on) your first HSF Test! Just goes to show that prayer does work 🙂

OK, now on to the less important business. We just wanted to pass on the facts about this week’s Bible Study and some other updates. This week’s Bible Study will be this Wednesday, 10/7, at 7:00 at Robin and Melissa’s house on 67 Southview Terrace (two streets down from the intersection of Elmwood and Mt Hope). There is parking if you choose to drive. We will be continuing our journey together through First Corinthians.

Also, you may recall that we had started to plan our fall retreat for this upcoming weekend at Mary’s lake house. Due to some family things going on, we aren’t able to do it this weekend as planned. We hope that this enough warning for you second years to plan a weekend vacation if you haven’t already to celebrate the ending of MBB. We’ll keep you posted on ideas for the rest of the fall.

Finally, a reminder about next Saturday, October 17 and the Christian Physician’s Breakfast. We’ll bring this up again on Wednesday, but Susan needs RSVPs if anyone wants to attend and learn about “dealing with the difficult medical climate and stress with Christian faith”.

OK, this email is definitely long enough. God bless everyone!

~ Robin, Mary and Boahema

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