Physician Breakfast?

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We need to hear from you!

Two weeks ago we emailed an announcement of our upcoming MCCF Breakfast, scheduled for Saturday, April 30th. However, so far we’ve gotten such a poor response that we’re considering cancelling this Spring’s breakfast and rescheduling our speaker for the fall.

Currently we’re set up to have Kathy Elliott, Director of Agape Counseling, come and share with us about “Maintaining a Healthy Marriage”. Her topic will cover not only maintenance of a current medical marriage but tips to build strength into a relationship at any stage so that it can withstand the rigors of having one or both members involved in a medical career.

Perhaps the date is inconvenient this spring, or the topic doesn’t appeal to you, or you just haven’t gotten back to us. Whatever, the reason, we need to hear from you soon so that we can take action early this week and either 1) cancel the event or 2) send out our final mailing and flyer.

Bill and Susan Morehouse

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