Fwd: Thanksgiving Fest

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Fwd: Thanksgiving Fest
Hello Everyone,
I hope this email finds you in joy! We have decided to move serving our fellow classmates until Friday Dec. 6th (Friday of next week). This comes in the light of news of the snow storm and the fact that some of our classmates have already began to go back home. 
We apologize for the change.
Blessings to all and we hope you have a wonderful holiday of Thanks Giving!
Chanh & Andres
Begin forwarded message:

From: “Huynh, Chanh” <Chanh_Huynh@URMC.Rochester.edu>
Date: November 24, 2013, 2:48:30 PM EST
To:urmccflist@urmccf.org” <urmccflist@urmccf.org>
Subject: Thanksgiving Fest


We are excited to announce our fist annual Thanksgiving Fest this Wednesday at 12:00 PM in the student lounge (notice the date change from Monday). Come join us as we share in the spirit of joy and giving thanks for our blessings in the Lord. Also, we want to share the love that we have in Christ with our classmates in serving them. If it is in your heart, we ask that you would please bring a dish to share (we are still in need of plates and utensils).
Follow the link below for the sign up list.


Chanh and Andres

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