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>From Andres F. Sanchez

Hello Warriors of the Kingdom,

I wanted to remind you all of the time we get to spend together tomorrow to worship God, experience his presence, and receive a fresh Word.

Today I was pondering upon the idea of trials and tribulations, already with the revealed knowledge, as a Christian, that they are not forever, and that they are for our good because we walk with God through them. But already knowing this, I was still thinking: "I just don't know how long it will last" and "I wish I could fast forward time until after the tribulation." Well, I also received the answers to these questions today, and of course not by coincidence, through a teaching of my pastor via email. It was scary how God can answer your questions through a fresh word on the spot!! In summary, times of trial in our lives have the following characteristics:

1. Not for ever. The enemy will always try to push you to think of time, and faith does not work through time. That trial has an EXPIRATION DATE!! Rejoice through your trials, make the decision to believe God and enjoy! I already knew this but was reminded of the joy part.

2. Don't think it is strange when trials come to you. 1 Peter 4:12. Thus, it is unwise for me to think to fast forward time, because I will have to fast forward all of my life!

3. Every believer in the world is going through something. It is not just you!! Why?? We are all in a process, trying to move from glory to glory and from faith to faith, and there is no victory without a battle, thus uncontested faith is worthless. Plus, our fight is not with flesh, and let me tell you, someone is after you and wants to see you fail.

We glory in tribulation!! tribulation works patience, patience character, and character a hope that does not fail us. Romans 5:3.

If you have never come, I encourage you to come to the Medical Center Interfaith Chapel at 6:00 PM tomorrow, Friday Oct. 18th, and every friday thereafter, so we can share a time of worship to the one true God and experience the love the Father has been waiting to pour down on us this whole week as we spend time with Him.

I declare blessings upon your lives!

Andres F. Sanchez


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