Reminder and IMPORTANT note!

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Just wanted to remind for tomorrow night and to let you know about something we are doing. I’m guessing you all have been getting E-mails about the upcoming Homeless Outreach Fair that some of our classmates are putting together. Our Christian Fellowship was specifically asked to participate in this outreach, and since part of our calling is to contribute to needy, we were thinking of doing a mini-offering-like thing at tomorrow’s meeting. If you are interested in giving to this cause, please bring your spare change or a couple of dollars to contribute. All the money will be put to buying the supplies needed to give out in hygiene baggies to homeless people in Rochester.

Ok, now on to the quick facts…

WHAT: Bible Study of First Corinthian
WHEN: Wedensday, October 7 at 7:00
WHERE: Robin and Melissa’s House, 67 Southview Terrace
WHAT TO BRING: Bibles and any money you’d like to contribute to Homeless Fair

Boahema, Mary and Robin

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