Helping us hold fast to our calling

E ach year God raises up new leaders to pick up the baton and carry it the next lap. First year students come in and join the group, following those who have led the way in the upper classes. By the time students reach their clinical rotations in the third and fourth years, leadership has passed to first and second year students. Somehow a wonderful continuity of vision and purpose always develops.

1st year (Class of 2025) – Anysia Lee and Caleb Obregon


2nd year (Class of 2024) – Drew Hong, Sam Park, and Yimin (Talia) Chen


3rd year (Class of 2023) – Joanna Cho and Petra Rantanen

4th year (Class of 2022) – Jinsol Hyun and Clara Pak

New doctors! (Class of 2021) – Shiva Kothari, Grace Ng and Ben Reinhardt

Faculty AdvisersDr. Bill and Susan Morehouse, Dr. Anne and Rob Ryan