Next year’s leaders

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After having a very successful year of fellowship, Bible study, and social activity under the leadership of Shannon Andrews and Joseph Point du Jour, the group met over dinner at the home of Dr. Bill and Susan Morehouse, MCCF faculty advisors, and selected leadership for the coming year. Incoming leaders will include new 2nd year students Ellegant Pearson, Boahema Pinto, and Robin Valpey. Appreciation was expressed for the leadership content and style exemplified by Shannon and Joseph, and a strong appeal was made to encourage them and their classmates to remain active in the group instead of completely “disappearing” into their new 3rd year commitments.

Possible activities for the coming were discussed, which will be introduced to the incoming medical student class during the August Activities Fair at URMC. The group plans to continue its regular Thursday evening gathering for fellowship, study, and prayer and hopes to be able to add a time of worship to the evening as well. Everyone felt that rotating the gathering from one student home to another week by week was a great success and should be continued. Other ideas included regular social events, pot-blessing dinners with community preceptors, and educational events on campus which highlight aspects of medical practice that are fruitfully informed by Biblical understanding.

Communication with members about upcoming events will continue to be handled primarily through the URMCCF email listserve, but other methods were also discussed. For some events, flyers may be posted or entire medical school classes notified by email. We are also initiating this weblog, which will include messages posted to the listserve as well as other items, in an attempt to provide a central source of information about upcoming group events.

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